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Updated: May 16

Saving money on purchases is crucial. Imagine the impact of spending 5%-10% less on everything! You need to get creative and look for new ways to save, and one of those ways is by using Ibotta.

Ibotta is an app that you can download that offers rebates and cash back for particular brands and products. You browse the offers, select the ones you want, and after you go shopping you upload your receipt and get the cash back. Redeem your cash via Paypal, Venmo, or by mailed check. When Ibotta first started out it was focused solely on grocery and food products, however it has since expanded into offering rebates for all kinds of brands and products (ie: 3% off any/all Adidas products). To be honest, if you don’t use Ibotta correctly it can be a huge waste of time. Most people don’t use the app efficiently. They end up spending half an hour looking through rebates just to save $1.50 or less! In this post I’ll show you how to use this app correctly in order to maximizing savings while minimizing time spent! Groceries Most people use Ibotta for rebates on individual items - usually grocery purchases. This app can be a great way to save on these products if you use it efficiently! More often than not though you see people investing way too much time with not enough to show for it. Below is the most efficient way to save on grocery and food purchases using Ibotta:

Select Your Store

Open the app, select your grocery store and you can see all the rebates that this particular vendor is offering.

Generic (aka Any Item) Rebates First

The first thing you want to do is select all the generic rebates available as those are the quickest and easiest to redeem.

The generic rebates are indiscriminate of brand. In this example, we’ll get 20 cents back on yogurt, regardless of brand. They’re usually displayed at the top.

The generics tend to be smaller rebates however they are very quick to apply.

Keep redeeming these generics whenever you see them, they add up over time.

Brand Name Stuff

Next step is to quickly flick through the offerings and scan for any brands you typically buy.

You’ll notice pretty quickly that the biggest rebates are often on higher priced branded products (ie: Tillamook cheese, or Heinz condiments).

After this, the biggest rebates are on brands that are newer and largely unheard of. Don’t spend too much time on this, this is the blackhole that most people end up going down and losing 30 minutes for 30 cents.

Give it a quick skim - if you see any brand name goods you typically buy, add the rebate. This process should take ideally 1-2 minutes.


Now for the real Ibotta hack. Generally speaking, the below categories are the only things you need to look for rebates on. Everything else tends to be a waste of time in my opinion:

  • Condiments

  • Household / Cleaning Items

  • Toiletries / Personal Care Items

  • Alcoholic Beverages

These product categories tend to offer the largest rebates. If you know you need to purchase an item from any of these categories, it is worth tailoring your purchase to whatever has the rebate. For example, let’s say you need to buy toothpaste. Generally you are a Colgate fan, however when you see this rebate, you should definitely opt for Crest.

Just looking at the pantry section, it looks like some good condiments are offering rebates. Good deal on Tabasco sauce.

There are also a ton of great brands offering rebates on alcoholic beverages. I wasn't sure if I should include examples for these as I don't want to be seen as advertising these products, but if you are in the market for alcohol definitely check out these rebates. It's common to see $2-$4 rebates on these products.

Focusing only on these categories will end up saving you the maximum amount of money for the least amount of time invested. Get to saving! Broad Store Rebates Another great way to save with Ibotta is by taking advantage of their broad, store-specific rebates. They have a whole bunch of brands that offer anywhere from .5% to 10% off all online purchases.

You click on the brand in the Ibotta app, and it will show you what the rebate is. Click through to the store and make your purchase to get the rebate. Tons of brands, tons of savings:

Nike alone is offering 10% cash back on all online purchases.

Using Ibotta for online shopping can save some serious cash when used correctly. This isn’t an excuse to go on a shopping spree, be smart and plan your necessary purchases. By planning your purchases and only using Ibotta where it has the largest and quickest impact, you maximize savings and minimize time spent. Bottom Line Be deliberate with how you use Ibotta! Don’t waste time browsing the rebates. Plan your purchases, and focus on the larger and quicker rebate categories outlined above.

For online shopping, always look on Ibotta for any brand/store rebates. Pretty soon this becomes habitual, and you get into a routine of applying different ways to save when you are purchasing a product. When used correctly, Ibotta can be a great tool to help you save money. It’s free, it’s simple, and when used correctly it’s quick too. If you don’t already have it, here’s a referral link to download the app. Start saving more with Ibotta!

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